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An Introduction to Wix

Wix is a powerful internet based web design solution ideal for those who wish to create websites with the minimum of technical complexity. Wix heralds the latest generation in web design software, a design tool that exist purely in ‘the cloud’, where the user has nothing to download and configure, and no tricky plugins or modules to setup and debug. From the get-go, Wix enables you to get your website up and running almost instantly, and offers you an ever growing range of themes, templates and drag-and-drop elements to make the construction of your website as enjoyable and as effortless as possible.

However, whilst the Wix platform is indeed powerful and versatile, basic web design principles still apply, and this course merges the best of those principles with practical hands-on experience in using the Wix platform. In addition to learning how the Wix platform works, and how to get the most out of it, you will also be shown the best way to plan and structure your website, using SEO to optimise your pages, and how content, keywords and imagery work together to excite, inspire and incite your visitors to engage with your products and services.

Course Price £195 plus VAT

Your place or our office in Kent or London.

10am until 430pm

One on one training

Call 01322 618704 to book.

Course Details

Getting started with Wix

  • Signing up and logging in

  • Choosing a template theme

  • Costs and how to save on them

  • Starting on your website

  • Pages and menus

  • Editing and layout

  • Adding images

Wix in depth

  • Adding and editing pages

  • Alignments

  • Fonts, header tags and SEO

  • Organising your Wix image library

  • Adding social media links

  • Adding Wix apps

  • Adding images, galleries and sliders

  • Adding text blocks and callouts

  • Drawing the whole thing together

  • Publishing your website

Marketing your Wix website

  • Social media marketing

  • YouTube and how it applies to you

  • Email, newsletters and subscribers

  • Getting good listings on Google 

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